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  • ISBN-13: 9781850000000
  • ISBN-10: 1847941834
  • Publisher- Random House Business Books
  • Author- James Clear
  • Language- English
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Cindy Rollins
2 months ago

Arrived really quickly, Excellent seller!! I love how actionable the advice in this book is. There's no fluff -- just straight up information about habits. The psychological, scientific, and anecdotal evidence presented is great. I also love the chapter summaries -- great teaching tool!

2 months ago

Fastest transaction i've had on here so far. Top class seller.???? Absolutely brilliant! Atomic Habits focus is on the small improvement. This is very well written, simple to follow and practical for developing many different habits. A brilliant book, with excellent case studies and grounding in the psychology of human behaviour.

2 months ago

This is an amazing book! I've been reading about productivity and habits for a while now and I think this book does a great work of gathering everything together and presenting in a nice form. Great read A+++

2 months ago

That’s the best book I have ever read about how habits work and techniques to change them. Very clear message and solid and actionable advice. Great price and Quick delivery. Perfect!!!!

Excellent Book!!
2 months ago

Best Book for forming new habits and cementing them . It's an interesting collection of helpful insights. Must Read Quick shipping All perfect

Lonela Adriana
2 months ago

This is exactly what I needed to read. A perfect book on establishing habits and teaching your goals one tiny change after another through a personalized system.

2 months ago

Very informative and helpful! Totally recommend it!

2 months ago

Great book. Well researched, simple, straight forward

Lech Kaniuk
2 months ago

Great book with tips on how establishing small but powerful habits can have a compounded effect bringing you closer to your goals.

Lauren Curley
2 months ago

I really enjoyed this book! Recommended

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