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  • ISBN-13: 9781925240702
  • ISBN-10: 1925240703
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Dani Lacey
2 weeks ago

Incredible book. A must read for all those interested in current events regarding race politics and the history of races and of both 'blackess' and 'whiteness'. this is an incredible book by Ta-Nehisi Coates which is an incredible book written to his children regarding the reality of race as seen by Coates. The book delves into the reality of differing situations from police brutality and how Coates grew up. The book really is an incredible read. i really Appreciate this website for fast delivery and easy payment.

2 weeks ago

You realise the life of a black person through the first person report in this book. If you don't feel empathy after reading this book there really is something wrong with you. It's written very well.

2 weeks ago

"Between the World and Me' is a magnificent book, A mesmerising, intoxicating, intimate life journey through another world, a terrifying world I never knew until now. Mr. Coates deep love, compassion, curiosity terror and fears are shared through painful observation and introspection. Beautiful and painful. Required reading for anybody who is interested in race in the modern world; required reading also for anybody interested in the craft of writing, as this is really as good as it gets.

2 weeks ago

An eye-opening read about what it means to be black in today's America, and an erudite examination of the legacy of slavery. The book gives us Coates’ honest thoughts on many important issues – on race, racism, poverty, deprivation, privilege and its abuse, police brutality. He documents his own personal experiences. He tells us of the experience of his friends and family. We see detail and pain and suffering. A fabulous insight into a life and world that generally gets overlooked

2 weeks ago

What a fabulous written book and emotionally searing: angry and sad. A book that provides a very unique insight into American institutional racism. The beauty of the writing, a poetic quality, transcends its subject.

Jennifer Masterson
4 days ago

This is an extremely important book that should be read, extremely well narrated by the author. Payment was immensely quick thanks Booksgoat. fantastic!!

4 days ago

This book was freaking stunning and written so beautiful, the writing is so raw and honest and I can't really put into words how this moved me. This should be required reading as it is very educational and eye opening and I strongly urge everyone to read this. quick delivery much appreciated!!

Necole Collins
4 days ago

This is totally Holy shit book. I broke down into tears on the subway upon finishing the last page. As a very privileged white woman I don't feel like I have much right to talk about this book but I hope when it comes out everyone else talks about it because it is beautiful and devastating and has the potential to be so important immensely wonderful Book!!

4 days ago

Amazing!! Read. This. Book. Now. Right now. Run to Booksgoat and get a copy. Do it! Coates speaks to the heart of the issues regarding people of color in our nation today and he does it powerfully well. We can't think of the words to write in this review that will truly do this book justice, so take our advice and pick up a copy yourself.

Kristen Lewendon
4 days ago

This book really Leaves me breathless. A perfect and eloquent execution of his thoughts. This book needs to be read by all of us.

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