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  • ISBN-13: 9780385545938
  • ISBN-10: 0385545932
  • Language- English
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David Bowles
2 months ago

Another absolutely amazing book by john. I was pulled in the moment I started reading it. I couldn't stop I had to know how it ended.

Jennifer L. Wheeler
2 months ago

Thanks Bookgoat for fast delivery, Great Job guys!! so this was yet another great book by Grisham. We are taken to Camino Island, near Jacksonville, FL. The owner of Bay Books, Bruce Cable, a very popular and encouraging book seller to the many authors found on the island and who throws memorable dinner parties at his house frequently, is caught in a terrible hurricane, Leo. Bruce remains on the island, which is evacuated due to the storm. In the mist of the storm, an author of many best selling thrillers, Nelson Kerr, is found dead. The book tells the story of the investigation into Nelson's suspicious death, and a drug, Vitamin E3, That keeps a heart beating, long after it should be.. This book is a must read for all who done it readers, lots of suspense, and a real page turner."

Kyle Nicholson
2 months ago

I really loved Camino Island. I was very excited when I heard about Camino Winds.Took me 2 Days To Read And I Loved Every Moment I love the fact that it was set in an area of the country near where I live with the all too real hurricanes. I would have never guessed where this book was going from the start and where it ended. The author did an excellent job of weaving together the various storylines.

If i could i would have given 10 Starts!
2 months ago

John Grisham has done it again with a great follow up to “Camino Island.” I am a huge fan of Mr. Grisham’s books, with the exception of one or two that I felt were not up to his best, and this is one that does not disappoint. The way everything picked back up from the previous book was seamless and the new storyline hooks you from the beginning. This is a well thought out novel with great characters, suspense and a great ending. I could not read this one fast enough and am now ready for another. I really appreciate Booksgoat for fast delivery!!

2 months ago

This is a Another thriller that will leave you turning the pages so that you get to the end of the book. Bruce owns a book store in Florida and there is a hurricane headed for their town. Everyone is told is evacuate the area but Bruce and his friend Nick decide to stay in Camino. They ride out the storm together with food and and the essentials they need. They wake to find a mess and are notified that their friend is dead. The story that unfolds is about the death of Nelson and why. Bruce and Nick know that the police will not solve the mystery of what they believe to be murder. Bruce and Nick's sister hire a private investigator to solve the mystery and realize that his latest book has the answer to his death. The plot in this book is so good and it weaves in and out of fraud and what people will do to get more of it. It makes you wonder if there could ever be a plot like this in our government. The murder is solved and life is back to normal as it can be on an island that has been hit by a hurricane.

Patricia Williams
2 months ago

A slow burn novel that really puts the reader in the mood.I really enjoy the way the author described the characters and events, This is a very well-written story Excellent !!! Recommended

2 months ago

A wonderful book, love the characters and it was fast paced Incredible!! .

Mandy Radley
2 months ago

Another fun read.

Malia Russell
2 months ago

One of the best books I’ve ever read. I literally could not put it down. A+++

Monika Choinska
2 months ago

I loved Camino Island, and this one almost as much. This is a murder mystery and not a legal thriller. I really like the characters of Camino Island and this book introduced a few more good ones. The thing I appreciate the most is that there isn't too much gore - there definitely is a few murders and description, but not horribly over the top.

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