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  • ISBN-13: 9781422144114
  • ISBN-10: 1422144119
  • Language- English
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this book is one of the best investments I've made
1 week ago

Best explanation of "what the numbers really mean" that I've ever read. How finance is as much art as science and why the numbers aren't as set in stone as a non-finance people might think. "Remarkably speedy delivery Thanks Booksgoat

1 week ago

Speedy to send. Would buy from again.. ? If you look for a deep understanding of finance and accounting, this book is a must-read. Actually, I 've been looking for such a book for some time, but all I got was some full-of-number books. To be honest, although I am a big fan of finance, I never felt like a deep understanding!

Alex Marie
1 week ago

Really illuminating. A must read for every board member.

1 week ago

One of the best book I've read. The author translates complex financial terms into day-to-day words, very easy to understand. Recommend to anyone needing more financial intelligence without accounting degree

Christine Kenney
1 week ago

Very useful, simple overview of accounting terms and principles. Helped put in context all the things I’ve encountered in various work roles, never having taken accounting courses. It’s easy enough to find definitions, it the value of this book was explaining why and how certain accounting approaches are used or abused.

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