From Fire,by Water:My Journey to the Catholic Faith | Sohrab Ahmari | 162164202X

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Sohrab Ahmari is the op-ed editor of the New York Post and a contributing editor of the Catholic Herald. He was a teenager living under the Iranian ayatollahs when he concluded that there is no almighty. Approximately two decades later, he would be admitted into the Roman Catholic Church. In From Fire, by Water, he describes this unlikely passage, from the strident Marxism and atheism of a youth misspent on both surfaces of the Atlantic to a moral and spiritual awakening inspired by the Mass. At once a young intellectual's finely crafted self-portrait and a life story at the intersection of the great ideas and events of our time, the book considers the debut of a compelling new Catholic voice.
  • ISBN-13: 9781621642022
  • ISBN-10: 162164202X
  • Language- English
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