How to Lie with Statistics - 0393310728

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  • ISBN-13: 9780393310726
  • ISBN-10: 0393310728
  • Publisher- W. W. Norton & Company
  • Author- Darrell Huff
  • Language- English
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Bob Lewis
1 week ago

Written very long years ago, this is still a highly relevant book that exposes the many flaws in statistics and how easy it is to manipulate findings. A short book that everyone should read. Delivery was fantastic from Booksgoat Apprecaited!!!

1 week ago

It's a fun book to read. If you have some stats background every chapter would make you nod and scream "OMG! Been there! Done that..." It was first published in 1954, but it's still applicable today.

1 week ago

A beautifully written book that introduces common errors in statistical reasoning. I came away thinking: Why don't "intro-statistics" classes just have students read this book? Students would learn more than they do by running canned software so that to recite numbers they don't understand. Very quick dispatch. First-rate service

Roozbeh Daneshvar
1 week ago

This is a great book and I recommend it to everyone. It will help you be a more critical consumer of information. It's short, clear, informative, funny and interesting Recommended!!

1 week ago

A great book illustrating all the different ways that you can lie with numbers and graphics. Nothing you wouldn't have known before, Author uses various experiences and examples to outline the cause and effects of use of statistics. A tad repetition of folklores, however adds to the purpose of the book. worth the time. Speedy to send!!

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