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  • ISBN-13: 9780143428848
  • ISBN-10: 0143428845
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4 months ago

A incredible self help book that will give you a lot of clarity about your body, soul and the mind. The book is written bearing in mind the contemporary, materialistic world and it's people.

4 months ago

Sadhguru wrote in this book in a flowing manner explaining a clear path to one's bliss. He is a true Mystic. If you are truly seeking to be a blissful highly functioning human being on this planet earth, I highly recommend his book. Delivery was exceptionally speedy thanks Booksgoat

4 months ago

Best book I've found. A phenomenal non-religious book on mysticism, yoga, well-being, inner peace, and more. It has been structured in two parts. The first part is devoted to making the reader understand the various processes in yoga and debunk myths. It also introduces readers to various dimensions and the non-physical experiences that are unknown to many.

4 months ago

I just loved this book! This book gets into yoga philosophy in a really user-friendly way. It's full of stories and anecdotes to illustrate concepts, and the lessons contained are very profound.

4 months ago

A great foundation book!! It is a wonderful book to improve the quality of life and understand inner working of the very source of the creation. Some of the practices mentioned in the book are immensely helping me already. It is the book for those who want to work from inside out. It can lead you to the path of enlightenment.

Monica Stockton
4 months ago

This is the book I will recommend to everyone. This book tells us only truth straight forward , no philosophies nothing just simple experienced reality. An amazing read. Be aware and separate yourself from accumulations from outside and go beyond the physical. !!

4 months ago

A must read. Don't read it in one go. Experiment with the given SADHANAs and then go ahead.

4 months ago

A transformative book! Now that I read the book, the more eager I become to find out how to point my direction towards spiritual growth. This made me realize how we would always overlook the control that we can have over our body and mind. It was such a healthy read. This book has the most nutritious pages everyone should gobble up. Remarkably speedy delivery from Booksgoat. Thanks

4 months ago

Very very powerful & insightful book. Easy to read and to understand, especially if you are seeking and have already experienced life in deeper dimensions. The sadhanas - practical exercises - are a really nice complement to what Sadhguru tries to explain. This book can really transform lives.

4 months ago

Excellent Book recommended for believers and non believers in any religion spiritualism or yoga This is one of the best books written on spiritualism, I choose 5 stars!!

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