Leadership Theory and Practice Eighth Edition | Peter G. Northouse | 1506362311

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n the updated Eight Edition of Leadership: Theory and Practice, a new chapter on Followership investigates the primary role followers engage in the leadership process and unpacks the features of both effective and ineffective followers. The new edition also incorporates a new Ethical Leadership Style Questionnaire and new coverage on the dark side of leadership and destructive leadership. Adopted at more than 1600 institutions in 89 countries and translated into 13 different languages, this market leading text successfully combines an academically robust account of the main principles and models of leadership with an approachable style and unique emphasis on how leadership principles can inform leadership training. Peter G. Northouse uses a logical structure for each chapter, allowing students to quickly connect and contrast the different theories. Case studies and questionnaires give students with practical illustrations and possibilities to deepen their personal understanding of their own leadership.
  • ISBN-13: 9781506362311
  • ISBN-10: 1506362311
  • Language- English
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