Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J.Trump | Dan Bongino | 1642930989

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Everbody has an view about whether or not Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. The number of actors connected is staggering, the events are complicated, and it's hard to know who or what to think. Spygate bypasses opinion and brings facts together to expose the biggest political scandal in American records. Former Secret Service agent and NYPD police officer Dan Bongino joins forces with journalist D.C. McAllister to clear away fake news and show you how Trump's political opponents, both foreign and domestic, tried to sabotage his campaign and delegitimize his presidency. By following the names and connections of significant actors, the authors reveal: Why the Obama administration sent a spy connected to the Deep State into the Trump campaign How Russians were connected to the opposition research firm hired by the Clinton campaign to find trash on Trump How the FBI failed to investigate DNC computers after they were hacked, relying instead on the findings of a private company connected to the DNC and the Obama administraton Why British intelligence played a vital role in building the collusion story What role Ukrainians played in legitimizing the perception that Trump was conspiring with the Russians How foreign players in the two events that kickstarted the Trump-Russia collusion investigation were connected to the Clinton Foundation, and What motivated the major actors who attempted to frame the Trump campaign and secure a win for Hillary Clinton
  • ISBN-13: 9781642930986
  • ISBN-10: 1642930989
  • Language- English
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