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  • ISBN-13: 9781471131820
  • ISBN-10: 1451639619
  • Language- English
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Emma Sea
4 months ago

An outstanding book that leads you to the different dimensions of positivity. The author has suggested some fundamental psychological facts about our life. All seven habits suggest in the book is really awesome. If you will follow all these minutely then surely you will end up your life with a big name and fame.

4 months ago

This book changed how I worked and how I set goals. It isn't the feel-good self-help book it appears. Delivery was remarkably speedy from Booksgoat

4 months ago

Undoubtedly, this one is one of the qualified sort of psychological books. If you feel confused working out your life issues and having problem get them organized you can resort to this book for figuring out what is best to do.

Best book I've found on value investing!
4 months ago

It's changed my perspectives about the world and about other people. I see the world differently!

Matthew Morine
4 months ago

This book is very well written and lays out seven habbits that we can all acquire to succeed in any and every aspect of life. Enjoy and Be Blessed

Liza Fireman
4 months ago

The Seven Habits is a million dollar worth book which sow the seeds of effectiveness in the reader’s mind. The seeds grow large as the reader proceeds reading. The main message of the book is the 7 habits which every highly effective people possessed.

4 months ago

Definitely a must read! I have to say that I’ll read this book again in the future because I believe I’ll catch more and more on another reading. This man Stephen R. Covey radiates wisdom, depth and knowledge …brilliant man!

4 months ago

This is amazing book. I have changed many of my behaviour after reading this book. I am looking forward to read this book again and again

Jim Kane
4 months ago

The book is full of good advice based on solid principles, which makes it more powerful than most books with quick-fixes Recommended to all

4 months ago

Extraordinary!!! What an excellent and powerful reading! Stephen R. Covey really taught with power, conviction, and feeling. He deliberates integration of life and principles leads to squaring inner thought and outward behavior, resulting in personal as well as public integrity. I highly recommend this book to all those who want to be effective and do always the right things in their lives.

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