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  • ISBN-13: 9780670089345
  • ISBN-10: 1771642483
  • Language- English
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Simon Clark
4 weeks ago

fantastic Book, Fascinating info on how trees are a billion times more amazing than I imagined, swoon-worthy prose, "Very, very high-standard delivery from Booksgoat. Incredible.

4 weeks ago

A must read! An absolute gem of a book.

Alice Lippart
4 weeks ago

This is one of the best books I have read in the past 12 months. After reading Wohleben, I will never look at trees or the world the same again. Wohleben was a forester who spent the first part of his career killing the trees he would later come to understand in a way that is mind altering. Recommended

4 weeks ago

If you're really a fan of nature in any way at all: you should read this book

4 weeks ago

Best science book I read this year. Absolutely stunning. Fun, informative and important.

Steve Wiggins
4 weeks ago

What a lovely book! Truly insightful on ecology. Creates the understanding of forest and its nature.

4 weeks ago

I highly recommend this book to everyone.This book changed my life and my enthusiasm and compassion for trees and healthy forests. "Only people who understand trees are capable of protecting them." Excellent delivery from Booksgoat. 5 Stars!!!

4 weeks ago

Wonderful book.

4 weeks ago

I'd absolutey recommend this book! We, humans, are destroying everything. And our lack of knowledge isn't helping, either. So, let's learn!

Lisa Butterworth
4 weeks ago

This book was amazingggg. Beautifully written, here's a love affair with trees and forests that will have you go "Ah! I had no idea" in each and every chapter, I promise. A must-read, which just might have an impact on how we humans relate to nature! A+++

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