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Matt Wright
4 months ago

Amazing. This book is a compilation of gems and jewels from iconic and world-class achievers. There is soooo much wisdom to digest and absorb.

Michael Werner
4 months ago

This is an EXCEPTIONAL book. Part philosophy, part business, and part story, Ferriss distills some of the most important lessons he has learned through his own experiments with life and work, as well as from the dozens of successful people from all walks of life he has befriended or interviewed for his podcast and writings.

4 months ago

This was quite a tome of knowledge. You get most out of it if you digest this slowly. I would also have wished I had taken notes or used post notes to mark the interesting sections because I definitely want to reread this book. With notes, it would have been interesting to see what the past me has adopted and what new insights I would discover.

Jason Orthman
4 months ago

Enjoyable, easy read. Some useful lessons and recommended books within the text.

Aiden Colley
4 months ago

Learnt new tips, ideas, habits that mega-successful people use to review. Loads of mini-habits you can adopt to help you reach your goals. As the book has soo much content from a range of people, not all points resonated with me. My aim is to re-scan this book next year as I'm sure I'll pick up a load more new insights a second time around

4 months ago

A real manual on how to improve your life, from so many different voices that it's impossible not to fond something valuable.

Kelsey Jones
4 months ago

Probably the best book I've read this year with lots of insights on daily rituals and efficiency. Lots of great examples shared by the world sports, business, movie, you name it Gurus which make you rethink your life and start executing in order to change it.

Josiah Jost
4 months ago

my favourite book of his he's ever written. however, I don't think he would've written this if it wasn't for four hour work week. so I'd definitely recommend both!

Bia Ahmed
4 months ago

Probably one book I will keep rereading from time to time. If you are a self improvement nut you should read this one.

4 months ago

absolutely useful book, It contains tools, actions, rituals, and habits of world-class titans. Recommended

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